Our New World of ‘Retirement’

doesn’t look much like any of us expected it would when we reached this milestone in our life’s journey.

So many previous stages of our life happened in a predictable sequence: education followed by job, establishment of family and career, followed by the expectation of a happy, secure “retirement.”

Clearly, things have changed.

The total landscape of “retirement” as a concept and time of life is just plain different, with new rules and challenges.

And with the current lifespans of women averaging 87 years and men 82 years, the choices we make now could affect us for 15-30 or more years.

We arrive at this unfamiliar territory, what was supposed to be our ‘Traditional Retirement Years,’ by many different roads.

  • You may have retired by choice, able to decide when and how you would end your formal employment years.
  • Perhaps your employer announced plans to downsize in the next year or two, prompting you to consider your post-retirement options.
  • If you’ve already been retired for a year or two, you may find yourself asking, “is this all there is?”
  • Or maybe you found yourself suddenly pink-slipped, too young to file for Social Security without penalty and feeling it’s too soon to stop working.

However you arrived at this Life Crossroad, it turns out Life After Age 50 requires as much thought, preparation, and planning as the previous life planning model we grew up with.

Our expectation of careful financial planning followed by carefree years of travel, enjoyment of family and hobbies has now been replaced by too-many options, the need for greater resilience, creativity, and might even include continued work, an encore career or a creative new business startup that is just right for you.

If you’re ready to:

  • reinvent your life in alignment with who you are NOW
  • explore generating finances for an extended life span
  • make choices that reflect your inner self and align with your heart and inner compass, and
  • stay on purpose through meaningful work,

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